We offer a "Don't worry" wholecare package that starts in the early phase of your product idea as well as partial support in any stadium your business needs additional support by our outsourcing services.

1. Examine
It all starts with your idea. Together we define the goals, functions and additional parameters that the new product needs to fulfill. Based on this first examination we do the concept development which the following steps are based on.

2. Express
We design, add ideas regarding the possible materials and possible additional functions. As well as we do the design we already keep an eye on expected product costs and market categories.
All partial solutions end up in complete design variations that can be discussed together before deciding which direction the final developments head to.

3. Execute
We bring it to life and to your warehouse. Accompanied by extensive R&D, construction and engineering we build first samples and functional prototypes. This will be done until you decide to approve a sample.
Meanwhile our Asian Partner will source a valid manufacturer and estimate final Prices based on your expected quantities.
Together we will handle your whole manufacturing process, do all the Quality Control and papers like CE certificates, Safety Tests, REACH & Chemical certificates and shipping documents as well as all details like packing, protection and handling marks. Our work ends FOB, but our support won´t until your products are in the shops.